Public Safety DAS

Your property’s safety isn’t only solidified by having an up-to-date access control and CCTV system. During emergencies, you have to consider whether first responders will be able to communicate with each other seamlessly in spite of structural or physical blockages between them. This is where a Public Safety DAS can fill in the safety gaps of your facility.

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Public Safety/First Responder DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

It’s a system that’s primarily used to ensure that emergency or first responders can have access to seamless, uninterrupted wireless communication while they’re inside buildings, garages, stairwells, and tunnels.


Relevance to Safety

Radio communications have proven to be a critical lifeline for first responders, as seen in 9/11. Due to environmental and structural obstacles, though, wireless signals can be compromised or blocked, which diminishes the effectiveness and safety of fire department personnel and police officers during emergencies.


Our team of Engineers and Installation Technicians can design and deploy a tailor-fit DAS solution for your property. Our customized systems provide emergency responders access to seamless and uninterrupted wireless communication.


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