Shared Fiber Riser

Reliable and future-proof infrastructure for high-speed Internet and data solutions. Multi-dwelling facilities nowadays have complex requirements, which involve property-wide Internet connection that would support diverse vendor services. From a tenant’s digital phone service to CCTVs and door access, having an appropriate framework proves to be a critical necessity.

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Public Safety/First Responder DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

Your industry will continue to be developed and transformed, but are you prepared for it?

We are, and we’re here to eliminate the need for you to upgrade and restructure your fiber framework even if advances in multi-dwelling technology continues to evolve.

You need to future-proof your projects and we are definitely excited and ready to make that happen!


Shared Fiber Riser: An Organized Solution

Our proven shared fiber riser creates a fiber infrastructure, which interconnects all communication closets with spare pre-labeled strands for everyone to share. This replaces messy communication closets, above ceiling, in hallways, and in-unit wiring distribution panels.

Game-Changing Infrastructure to Multi-Dwelling Properties

From a handful of vendors to one. We’ll be your only vendor and we will interact with all other project vendors to provide the fiber network and build it on time based on the general contractor’s timelines.

Want to see the mess that you’ll end up avoiding by getting a shared fiber riser service from us?


Many multi-dwelling services require infrastructure to bounce around each project, which interconnects all of the components of each different system.


Copper solutions have distance limitations, so most multi-dwelling facilities would naturally require fiber networks from each vendor.


These vendors are not in the fiber business, so they all individually outsource fiber plant work, which is very expensive.

Any framework that needs the involvement of a lot of heads and hands would definitely be far from organized.

Footprint Reduction

In relation to having too many people involved in the creation of a property-wide infrastructure, you would have to deal with a ton of footprints. Why?

Current and past construction projects have multiple providers, vendors, and solutions. Each of them have also outsourced their own fiber contractor. Certainly, these contractors would have their own methods, which would then lead to a cluster in all of the closets.

Our shared riser, on the other hand, is cleanly installed, labeled, and ready for work! No more congested IDFs, MDFs, or unit wiring panels.


Cost-Effective Projects

AnywAIR shared fiber solutions are not only unique and market-changing. Their efficiency also leads to a lower overall property fiber cost. Having one shared, managed, fiber network will greatly reduce your overall construction costs, while also future-proofing your facility.

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