IPTV Services

Stream live television stations over the Internet through servers from around the world. Watch from anywhere at any time and don’t miss an episode of your favorite show again. Transform the way your residents watch TV, and watch your retention rate and revenue increase.

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What is IPTV Services?

With IPTV services, is being communicated through the Internet protocols. Simply put, IPTV transmits shows and movies using your standard Internet connection, instead of a standard cable/antenna connection.

With this simpler and more efficient structure, your residents will be able to watch what they want when they want to. They just need to let us know!

Do I need a Set-Top Box (STB)?

Your tenants need to have set-top box (STB) to watch via their television. In addition to our STB, your residents will be able to watch on their smartphone or tablet as well.

Still, it’s ideal to have one, so that they have more options on how they would stream their favorite shows. On your behalf, our 24/7 support will also tackle any challenges the users may have.


Quality and Reliable IPTV

Simplicity is key when delivering modern solutions, especially when it comes to IPTV. Our team will collaborate with you on how your residents can best experience TV streaming like never before.

icon Multiple Platforms

IPTV services work across an array of platforms such as iOS, Android, dedicated anywAIR devices, and Amazon Fire Stick (coming soon).

icon Cutting-Edge Player

No matter where users stream their programs, users will experience an intuitive and feature-rich interface.

A Sweet Deal: Maximize IPTV Benefits with anywAIR


IPTV can easily be integrated with other IP-based services like VOIP and high-speed Internet. Also, there’s no need for new cables since it can utilize the existing computer network. Through that same network, anywAIR can distribute live or pre-recorded TV and video/audio. Sweet, right?


Your residents would likely not want the same set of channels and shows to watch. No worries, because the content will remain in the network and we’ll only deliver the content that the consumer prefers. Other than the power to choose what they want to watch, they also have a vast selection of channels and shows.


Ever heard of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and the Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR)? These are fully interactive to your resident’s personal needs by providing awesome features like forward, pause, rewind, and program-recording capabilities even while they’re watching a movie or TV program.


Getting IPTV-based services from providers like anywAIR instantly expands your residents’ watching capabilities because IPTV is compatible with all display devices. These include computer displays, LCD/LED displays, projectors, and TV. Ultimately, it succeeds in providing quality digital video and audio to consumers.

We want your property to have a cost-effective, robust, and scalable TV service. AnywAIR is ready to help boost your residents’ satisfaction rate by providing quality IPTV services.

Contact us today and watch how we change your tenants’ streaming experience!

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